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Who am I?

My name is Judith Scott.  

Sometimes I feel as if I’m living a parable, especially that peculiar little parable known as the “Wealthy Landowner.”  Like the Landowner, I have a life that is full of the obituary or resume kind of stuff.  It contains a list of accomplish-ments, things that can be counted and put in the “plus” column and admired.  Unlike the landowner I know that life will vanish, be taken away. That resume/obituary life doesn’t last.  It perishes. 


What lasts is the soul.  It is the soul that is destined for eternity.  It is the soul that hopefully will go on to never-ending party.

And so, my soul cries out.  It shouts “Have you heard?”  My soul cries out through these paintings, etchings, and woodcuts.  It rejoices in glimpses of beauty remembered in prints.  It is emotive, it is relational, and it seeks fertile ground in those who are able to respond to emotions conveyed in symbol systems that transcend the ordinary, that are the vehicles of inspiration.

Do you see?  Do you hear?  Come,  join me on a journey to the vast resources, the delights of the soul.

Work Experience and Education

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