The Profane (secular) II

Life-size self-portrait, late 1970s, "original "organic drawing" technique using meat, vegetables, other natural "tools" dipped in India ink and pressed on paper. Current location unknown.
Dyehouse screen
Framed cheesecloth used to strain dyes, 1980s. In collection of Darlington Fabrics (George C. Moore Co.), Rhode Island.
Foggy Beach 2
Framed seriagraph, print size approx. 8"x10". Private collection of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McKinney, Rhode Island.
Old Swimming Hole Macungie
Framed large pencil drawing of mountainside swimming hole, Macungie, PA. Drawing size approx. 24"x32". $450.
Framed acrylic painting. Private collector, Rhode Island.
Reflections, Marysville, KS
Framed 30"x50" oil on canvas, originally begun as outdoor art walk demo, completed and in collection of Marysville Advocate newspaper.
Kansas Wind
very large gallery-framed oil on canvas, approx 60"x84". $2500.
Companion painting sold to private collector, Nebraska, by Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan.
Framed 36"x48" oil on canvas, originally painted in 1974, and stored, forgotten in artist's studio until 2003. I did not know why I had to put the red plane in, I just did. Years later I discovered it and decided to show it. Now in collection of Andover Newton Theological School to the best of my knowledge.
Dyehouse screen #2
Framed cheesecloth through which textile dyes are poured to catch impurities before placing dye in dyebath. Collection of Darlington Fabrics, George C. Moore Co., Rhode Island.
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Framed acrylic painting. Private collector, Rhode Island.